Press Release, Moscow, 05/04/2017: The RILOS Company has updated the database on Russian shopping centers.

In April 2017, the coverage is 2639 malls in 309 cities with a total sales area of ​​40.9 million square meters.

In total, 2426 malls are open in the country, 104 malls are under construction and 99 malls are projected. The remaining projects are frozen or closed. According to Cushman & Wakefield, the volume of frozen shopping centers in Moscow is estimated at 2.3 million square meters. The reasons are the crises of 2008 and 2014 and the reduction in demand for sales areas by retailers.

Leadership by the number of shopping centers

The top 20 cities, including Moscow region with a total population of 33.6 million people (23% of the total Russian Federation population) account for the main bulk of shopping centers (almost 75%). Moscow and the Moscow region occupy the leading positions in the number of open and projected shopping centers.

Moscow and Moscow region with a total population of 18.3 million people (12.5% of the total Russian Federation population) account for 15% of the open shopping centers, 16% of the molls under construction and 55% of the projected shopping centers.

A good construction and projects potential is also shown in Krasnoyarsk and Vladivostok.

The share of commercial space (GLA) for TOP-20 cities of the Russian Federation and Moscow Region

Commercial density

Among the five leaders in terms of commercial density, in addition to Moscow and to the Moscow region, the following cities were included: Ekaterinburg – 1125, Bryansk – 1091, Krasnodar – 1085, Kursk -883 and Ufa – 851 (sq. M per 1,000 people).

Microanalysis by the example of Yekaterinburg

An example of such analysis can be shown on the interactive map below. As we can see, within the Yekad there are 63 operating, 3 under construction and 2 projected shopping centers. There is also possiblility to select and filter out shopping centers according to GLA and by status. When you click on an object, you can see detailed information about it.

In addition, Geomatrix also allows you to find out the exact location and main competitive characteristics of any shopping center in 309 Russian cities.

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