Geotargeting Mobile

DescriptionGeotargeting Mobile is the best way to better understand your potential consumers. Combining location with consumer demographics, mobile devices, and apps usage makes for the most accurate and scaled audience targeting capability available.


  • Mobile advertising can open your campaign up to deeper consumer insights. Because people tend to keep their cellular device with them throughout the day, you will be able to take advantage of its geo-targeting abilities and deliver relevant, location-based advertisements straight to their phone. By analyzing user habits, such as shopping tendencies, marketers using Geotargeting Mobile know what shops their consumers tend to frequent. When they are in close proximity to that store, an advertisement can be delivered right to their fingertips.
  • Geotargeting Mobile is a cost-efficient way to reach your target consumer. At just a fraction of the cost of television or radio advertising, mobile advertising is a smart solution to enhance your marketing efforts with repeated messages to your key audience.

For whom: For all retail categories, as well as for FMCG and SMCG companies

Tariffs: Contact us for pricing relevant to your audience target