Press Release, Moscow, 24/07/2017: General Director of the RILOS company Arnaud Trousset, editor of Geomatrix, an online SaaS predictive analytics solution for the retail industry, and proud member of #frenchtechmoscow committee, took part in the grand opening of the accelerator PepsiCo Tech LAB on the 24th July at the Moscow office of PepsiCo.

This Monday, all entrepreneurs, who had passed into the accelerated PepsiCo LAB program toward Tech LAB, arranged the first meeting at the PepsiCo office in Moscow. Only 12 startups were chosen among all 300 applications. The program’s organizers have explained the structure of the program, introduced entrepreneurs to experts and coaches.

The main aim of PepsiCo LAB accelerator is to provide a mutually beneficial partnership between PepsiCo and startups, as well as support entrepreneurs in taking their startups to the next level. Participants of PepsiCo LAB accelerator can gain access to PepsiCo’s ecosystem, experts, distribution channels, and international markets. This opens the door for a broad range of possibilities for food and beverage product testing and technological solutions.

As for Tech LAB following the first stage results of the PepsiCo LAB accelerator, during which the participants were finalizing and adapting their products, having lectures on the main business units using an online platform, adjusting the business development path for work with PepsiCo, receiving assessments and feedback from PepsiCo LAB experts, the following projects were selected:

  1. Rilos, online-SaaS solution for predicative analytics, Moscow
  2. Bafsy, omnichannel mobile application technology, Moscow
  3. Bonsoft, the program for calculating staff schedules, Moscow
  4. Emply, personnel scoring, Vladivostok
  5. E-Contenta, technology for content systematization and distribution, St. Petersburg
  6. Inspector Cloud, SaaS-system for retail audits, Moscow
  7. Intelligence Retail, a system for recognizing information on the showcases and analyzing the effectiveness of sale points, Moscow
  8. Predictive Technologies, technologies for data collection, processing and analysis, Moscow
  9. Priceva, competitor price monitoring service, Moscow
  10. Studyx, SaaS-service of adaptive micro training for companies, Moscow
  11. Tagvisor, a tool for the native selection of entertainment places, Ekaterinburg
  12. Teeker, cloud mobile mini-applications, Moscow

Benefits of PepsiCo Lab:

  1. Work with 50+ leading experts and coaches from the industry.
  2. Possibility to launch and gain financing a pilot project.
  3. A great Chance to acquire a long-term contract with PepsiCo.
  4. An access to distribution channels and international markets.

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