Press Release, Moscow, 20/05/2017: Geodata: geospatial technologies and spatial data to the economy and security of Russia

Rilos’ General Director Arnaud Trousset speaks at the forum GeoData of Tuesday, May 23, 2017 on the topic “Effective use of geodata and technology for sustainable economic development”

Experts surveying industry, Cartography and Geoinformation gather at GeoData. Participation of master classes and presentations have already stated the following companies:

JSC Roskartographya, SC GEOSKAN, ANGLE, KB Panorama, SC RDC, Sovzond, Mosgorgeotrest, Innoter, RILOS, PLANDEX, Moscow State University, Novgorod State University, Moscow Institute of Architecture, Research Institute Aerocosmos, Acropolis-GEO, HERE Tech and many other companies, universities, research institutes and experts.

At the plenary session and in the sections expect interesting presentations on the future of the industry Geodesy , cartography, geoinformatics, satellite navigation and remote sensing.

We invite you to participate and to register:

remind that the participation of representatives of budget organizations as delegates – without having to pay the conference fee (when registering).
The program of action :

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