Press Release, Moscow, 29/06/2017: Unique training seminar from Anton Reutov ” Shopping Centers. How to increase profitability! “, With the participation and live demonstrations of solutions Geomatriks . Hurry up. We will be a lot of interesting! 29 and 30 June 2017 in St. Petersburg.

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Shopping Malls – how to increase profitability?

This training seminar is for you if you:

  • The owner of commercial real estate
  • Managing Trade Center
  • Head Rental Department
  • Director of Development
  • Head of Marketing and PR

Learning Objectives:

  • to know how to increase the income of the shopping complex
  • learn to identify weak areas in the mall and to correct them
  • be able to organize work correctly with each tenant
  • to be able to effectively manage the rental department
  • to create and carry out actions to improve the TC attendance

Duration: 2 days

1. Direction of Trade tsentrom- reduce costs and stabilize income.

  • Three TC control options in crisis.
  • Which articles in the shopping costs should be reduced?
  • Where to look for new arendatorov- practical recommendations
  • How to reduce the vacancy rate?
  • A lot of visitors, buyers net-causes and ways to overcome them

2. How can you increase the traffic to your TC.

  • Audit your kompleksa- assort in detail the reasons for the low attendance.
  • Methods of increasing traffic to your mall.
  • Examples of effective flops and promotions.
  • An innovative method of improving the quality of service pokupateley- how to get tenants to work better?
  • What additional services are needed in your mall?

3. Change the shopping center concept.

  • From your center left anchor arendator- what to do?
  • How to attract federal networks in your range?
  • Example of negotiation and coordination of the rent rate with the largest federal network (analysis with the calculation of fair rents)
  • Reconception, reconstruction or cosmetic remont- how to evaluate the return on this expenditure?
  • drop in traffic and a decline in the average cheka- what to do?

4. The rent discounts, installment, rent holidays.

  • Your costs are rising, tenants require a discount and thunderstorms uyti- how not to lose time and keep revenues
  • Discount or payment by installments? How to give its tenants, and what they will not save?
  • How to provide installments of rent
  • As a tenant is cheating on you with a turn and what to do
  • The union of tenants and methods of blackmail tenants
  • Terms of preferential usloviy- individual approach to each tenant

5. Management of the rental department.

  • Who, how and where should search for renters in today’s market?
  • Lawyer, Broker and economist how to verify the competence of your employees
  • Investments in advertising or in the training of employees – what is more effective?
  • The procedure works with references arendatorov- problematic zone and the path optimization process
  • How to poach tenant competitors?
  • Innovative ways of improving the efficiency of the personnel department of rent

6. Performance indicators TRC.

  • What are the performance indicators necessary to monitor the work of the shopping center?
  • Attendance, the average check, the volume of sales – you need to know about the business of your tenants
  • Revenue per square meter of retail space

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