Geomatrix Predictive Analytics, is powered by RILOS - Retail Intelligence Location Solutions, a company focusing on modelisation of retail consumer behavior with 15 years experience in Retail & Business Intelligence.

Geomatrix Predictive Analytics provides strategic analysis of potential or current point of sales through a single technological platform combining the latest geographic, socio-economic, analytical and market data together with an unique expertise in the modeling of local customer behaviors.

Geomatrix Predictive Analytics' team is comprised of a highly qualified team of specialists in the fields of data science, data vizualisation, geo-marketing, geography, demography, history, economy, sociology, statistics, real estate and IT.


Arnaud Trousset


15 years experience in Business Intelligence in Retail Industry and 20 years experience in Sales & Marketing
American Express and Auchan Retail

Remi Trousset


20 years experience in project management in IT and Telco Industry

Maxime Anikouchine


Maxime has 14 years of experience in business and consulting. Through the conduct of financial and decision-making systems integration projects, he acquired a strong management control, particularly industrial, expertise in the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors.
Partner at Ortal Consulting

Stephen Inscoe


Stephen Inscoe has worked in Russia in real estate and internet since 1998, and has been in the industry for 30 years. He has significant experience in commercial and residential real estate development, management, and internet development. Stephen has completed research, financing and consulting missions in Russia for Cushman & Wakefield, MLP Logistics, Sukhoi, and HP Data Centres.

Yves Frerot


Since 1998 founder and manager of the HIPERCOM agencies networks in 8 countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
Search for strategic trends in the analysis of promotional data.
Activity: aggregation and analysis of data relating to the promotional activities and digital distributors.
Customers: Distributors and Brands

Jerome Baray


Jerome Baray is a Professor of Management Science at University of Paris-Est and a Researcher at the Management Research Institute (IRG). His research focuses on the development of location optimization models, GIS (geographical information systems) and geodata analysis for tourism, transportation and retail. Intervening in international conferences and for some French companies, he published articles in major european and Anglo-Saxon scientific journals.