Press Release, Moscow, 24/11/2016: RILOS’s General Director Arnaud Trousset, the founder of Geomatrix solution, as well as his collegues – Guillaume Le Roy (eStore), Thierry Cellerin (BuzzfactorySpacebox) gave an interview to Les Echos, the leading business newspaper in France (analog of Financial Times), about their experiences of launching the startup in Russia.

The speakers mentioned the peculariaties of local business conditions which influenced their startups.

All three agree that E-commerce and Consultancy have a big potential on an open Russian market. Comparing to United States, the most popular country to launch a startup (with guaranteed strong competition), Russia, with its lower workforce costs, flexile labor legislation, low taxes and high demand for new technologies, provides quite good conditions for startups to thrive.

On the other hand, there are a number of obstacles connected with consistentcy of the demend for innovative statrup solutions, which is more volatile than on Western markets.

To read more about the experiences of three successful French startups in Russia, visit Les Echos.

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