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Press Release, Moscow, 18/12/2017: General Director of the RILOS company Arnaud Trousset, editor of Geomatrix, an online SaaS predictive analytics solution for the retail industry, and proud member of #frenchtechmoscow committee and #Skolkovo, took the third place in the Startup Battle 2017 in Almaty.

At this battle, 12 best start-ups from Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine were selected.

The members of the jury at the 100th Battle of the Start-ups were: Adil Augaliev, executive director of Startup.Network Kazakhstan; Alexey Zhabsky – Chief Partnership at Startup. Network; Arman Suleimenov – CEO and founder of Zero To one Labs & nFactorial Incubator; Olzhas Shakirov is a serial entrepreneur, owner of China Consult, Nerf District; Rustam Karakhanov is the founder of TOO Pro Consulting; Yerzhan Kaltaev – director of the consulting company “Reach partners”; Evgeny Mukhamedzhanov – Managing Director of Kazakhstan Stock Exchange JSC; Alim Khamitov is a managing partner at MOST Business Incubator.

In the first block, a discussion was traditionally held, with Arman Suleimenov, Olzhas Shakirov, Yerzhan Kaltayev, Yevgeny Mukhamedzhanov as participants, and Alexei Zhabsky as moderator.

Voting results:

First place: Neupusti. net – 4, 17

Second place: – 4, 14

Third place: Crypto Payment System and Geomatrix – 4, 00

Fourth place: Mobishop – 3, 88

Fifth place: Pereday – 3, 63

Sixth place: FASTR – 3, 57

Seventh place: LimpidArmor – 3, 38

Eighth place: Hydrodynamic heating boilers – 2, 75

Ninth place: i-teka – 2, 63

Tenth place: CluboScope – 2, 50

Eleventh place: Alber – 2, 38

Geomatrix is an online SaaS solution, allowing retailers to conduct expansion and marketing researches independently and without any knowledge of GIS technologies, in more than 67 countries.


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