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All retailers and researchers who work with the most detailed population and salary statistics on the level of more than 4 900 administrative divisions of Russian Federation, encounter problems associated with search, standardization, integration and map visualization of this statistics data.

The first problem is that Rosstat’s website does not have an option of exporting official statistics data in one single file at such a precise level for all 85 Russian regions. Thereby, a researcher has to search and export data for parameter of interest separately for each region, and afterwards standardize, integrate and update data. Sometimes the parameter of researcher’s interest sounds differently in different regions, so one needs to contact to the local Rosstat specialist to make sure whether the correct parameter was selected.

The second problem is that all statistics reports are published in a table format, however visualizing data on a map usually brings a more holistic picture to researchers.

Finally, borders of some administrative areas change, thereby in order to update last year geo-located statistics data, company needs to hire GIS specialists, who will be able to check boundaries modifications and amend the administrative boundaries on the map.

Adaption of best world practices 

Inspired by the level of statistical data detailing, openness and visualization  provided by a number of developed statistics departments, such as US Census BureauAustralian Bureau of StatisticsDepartment of Statistics (Singapore), National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (France) etc., RILOS integrated Rosstat’s population and salary statistics on the level of 4 906 administrative divisions of Russian Federation, which is now available online with Geo Stat 2016 solution.

GeoStat 2016 saves your time and allows to focus your researches on more advanced analytics.

Click on the video below to experience Geo Stat 2016 at work.
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