Press Release, Moscow, 04/04/2016: Geomatrix, the online predictive analytical solution for the retail industry announces its new 2.1 enhanced version with extended geographical coverage.

Geomatrix is a revolutionary solution in the retail industry, providing companies with an advanced online tool able to provide catchment area PDF report in less than one minute without any GIS skills, and providing its users capacities to test multiple scenarii towards specific locations, analyzing which retail format could best fit a new address and determinate its potential turnover and clients number.

Geomatrix uses and integrates into its solution the latest modelized official statistical data and most advanced technological partners such as CartoDB, an online platform of data analysis and vizualisation,, a leader in mapping and location technology, and 2GIS, a leading online provider of points of interests.

Geomatrix is now available in 50 countries worldwide, covering more than 3 600 cities and 430 million potential consumers.

About Rilos

Founded in 2010, Rilos specializes in consumer behavior modelisation for the retail industry, providing solutions aiming to enhance companies’ retail development and operational processes.

Rilos’ product offer includes online Saas predictive analytical solution Geomatrix, strategy planning solutions, marketing field studies and data analysis and vizualisation.

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