Geomatrix – how to open a profitable point of sale?

Looking back at March 2018 interview with Ekaterina Ukolova


Russian cities versus European, Chinese and US cities

How cities are built according to local designers.

Average Russian city vs average Chinese city vs average Europan cities vs average US cities!

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Population Modelisation updates – October 2021

Discover a view of Tyumen city, with modelisation of number of households by building.  Data updated on October 2021.

Traffic modelisation – August 2021

Discover Tolyatti city, with street retail traffic modelisation, and focus on most crowded areas. Data updated on August 20201

Best shopping centers – Tashkent 2021

Discover a vizualisation of best shopping centers in Tashkent city, based on concentration of mobile’s phones devices during working hours. Data updated on July 2021

Geomatrix Huff Model Improvement for Retail Catchment Area Analysis

Most geomarketing researches are based on a basic Huff model. However, its usage is sometimes problematic. Read more on how  Geomatrix developers managed to overcome the most frequent difficulties and significantly improve the efficiency of working with the model.

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Urban Monitoring, new product from GeoAlert, Geomatrix partner

We are happy to present you Urban Monitoring – new product from GeoAlert, partner of Geomatrix. Do you want to get all the statistics on the location you are interested in? Then get more details here.

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Retail Expansion in Asia

Retail Expansion in Asia