Provide a time saving and cost efficient all-in-one analysis tool for business intelligence.

Create a user-friendly application using location intelligence.

Improved overall operational efficiency.
Provided updated and enhanced services to clients. Achieved greater predictive and descriptive analysis capabilities.

CartoDB leads the world of location intelligence and data visualization, empowering anyone to extract valuable insights from data. CartoDB transforms layers of geospatial information into data driven maps that enable visual discovery of trends and
patterns to make better, faster decisions.

Our ecosystem of certified partners can help you define and create costeffective custom mapping solutions based on our platform.

The CartoDB platform allows layering of data on any base map provider, and multiple internal and external data sources.


CartoDB offers multi-user licenses to create teams, define roles, and share data as well as visualizations within your company.

Case Study | CartoDB for BI and Analytics

Rilos leverages the Power of CartoDB with Business Analysis App Geomatrix 


Rilos is a business to business consulting firm, currently operating in 15 countries worldwide, exclusively focused on retail location intelligence solutions that provide strategic data analysis through a single technological platform. Combining up-to-date geographic, socioeconomic, and market data along with expert modeling of consumer behaviors, Rilos helps clients minimize risk, make more informed decisions, and optimize sales and networks.


Gathering, updating, standardizing and analyzing data is a complex, costly and time consuming process for retailers, commercial real estate developers, and consultants. In order to better serve a growing client base without the demand of additional employee resources, Rilos needed a solution that would allow clients to perform their own analysis with site studies and reports on demand.


Using CartoDB, Rilos created the Geomatrix platform, which provided Rilos clients an immediate online solution allowing them to perform their own studies and produce their own reports. By integrating CartoDB into the platform, Geomatrix can host large datasets (several millions of polygons and dots), process spatial queries, filter data according to specified parameters, and provide options to visualize results and thematic maps. The cloud-based platform can generate thousands of site studies for hundreds of clients at the same time. With Geomatrix delivering analysis directly to clients, Rilos was able to focus expertise on the creation of new custom content and functional modules.

Site studies that once took days to complete, are now accomplished in less than one minute using Geomatrix. The platform aggregates all required data, technologies, and algorithms to produce site study reports. With subscription access to the Geomatrix SaaS solution, retailers, commercial real estate developers, and consultants can quickly analyze a new project. Setting a range of parameters, clients can examine multiple scenarios, test different commercial concepts, and generate a ready-to-use analytical report to make informed decisions regarding rental or purchase of a new site. Clients can also audit the commercial environment of their existing point of sales portfolio, and compare the data with operational results. Correlation analysis determines which external parameters impact on point of sales, helping clients build more robust models for new expansion plans.

Cachment area report at location NY,USA.

Results and Benefits

Rilos is now able to scale its business for a large number of clients and to expand into new markets, while providing greater transparency and control for clients. Customers are able to control and assess the studies processed, limiting internal and external corruption. They can focus on their core business, with improved speed and security, identifying and assessing new project potential, while gaining an edge on direct competition. Geomatrix provides business intelligence that enables clients to define a clear strategy for existing and future commercial real estate portfolios.

Geomatrix helped us provide our clients with a ready-to-use online solution allowing them to perform their own studies, produce their own reports, and allowed Rilos to focus on the creation of highly values content for the platform.” Arnaud Trousset, Founder of Rilos.

Our enterprise architecture and on-premises implementation ensures that your data is private and protected, meeting the demanding requirements of your business teams. The CartoDB platform offers a flexible and robust location intelligence solution that provides easy integration with your existing and third party data sources. For more information visit or contact [email protected]

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